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Not-For-Profit Organization

Kids Safe City is a fun and educational place for children.


      Thanks to the Help of many wonderful people over the years, Kids Safe City has taken the concept of Safety to the next level, for parents and children! 


The Beginning of Kids Safe City!                                            Kids Safe City today!   

  Kids Safe City was originated by
   Fire Inspector John Rutkowski.

A quote from the Vice President Jim Simon
"The time to teach the kids about safety is when they are young."

A comment passed on from a Mother to Joan Simon Executive Director
"Kids Safe City taught my children more than I could teach them in a lifetime!"


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                         Kids Safe City
                       Not-For-Profit Organization

Help us change the World, one child at a time!

    In this facility, they will learn about Stranger Danger, Home & Poison Safety, Dog Safety, Police & Gun Safety, Bullying and many more!  They will use seat-belts in the pedal cars that they will be in, as they go through the kid sized town.  They will become familiar with what firemen wear and what police officers look like. So they won't be afraid of them when they see them. 
    The facility also includes a smoke house, where non-toxic smoke will be released.  This will allow children to learn how to escape from a fire in their homes with out panicing.  This Kid Size Village helps the kids to understand the concepts of safety even better by putting them in real-life situations.

Children will experience and Practice:
  • Stranger Danger & Playground
  • Pedestrian & Traffic Safety
  • Police & Gun Safety
  • First Aid & Dog Safety
  • Fire Prevention & 911
  • Home & Poison Safety
  • Healthy Habits & Positive Life Skills
  • Bicycle Safety
  • School Bus Safety
  • Weather Safety
  • Train Safety

   Kids Safe City is committed to educating children on safety issues and how they should react in real life situations.  Our aim is to spread awareness of safety topics by directly and positively impacting children's lives by allowing them to approach these situations first hand.

     Our goal is to increase safety awareness of children throughout the Chicago-land area and to help each child be safe and prepared for real life situations.







 Kids Safe City is always in need of Volunteers and Sponsors.  Without you we wouldn't be where we are today!  Thank you!!!







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