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Safety Tips and educational websites by topics we teach at Kids Safe City!

  Children are precious and should be treated and protected as such.

                            Stranger Danger & Playground

  5 Million Pedophiles are online at any given time looking for their next victim.


Safety Cops -Online magazines very educational for parents, updated monthly.

My Child Safety -Teaching Children about Stranger Danger- Parent Guide


                            Pedestrian & Traffic

Children are injured in car accidents for not being in the appropriate seat for the age, height, and weight. 4'9 is the magical number for children to NOT be in a booster seat.


Safe Kids USA 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Tucson Fire Department – Many topics great website.

                            Police & Gun

   Guns are in more than 1/3 of all U.S. households.


Just For Kids – Normal Police Department




Citizen Corps – Youth Preparedness features online activities and other links.


Gun Safety – Protect yourself and learn!


Kids Gun Safety


Parents’ Guide to Gun Safety

                            First Aid & Dog


First Aid & Safety

AAP Children’s Health Topics


First Aid for Children

                            Fire Prevention & 911

  • Practicing fire drills on a monthly basis is extremely important for children.
  • Having a meeting place for them is important for you and for them.
  • Make sure your children know about emergency procedures, phone numbers, and back up plans.
  • Keep lists of names and numbers of the people they can seek help from.

    Websites for Kids


Fire Safety For Kids


USFA for KidsU.S. Fire Administration


Fire Administration Kids Page

                                Home & Poison

  • Children should know their home phone number and address by age 3.
  • Unintentional home injury deaths to children are caused primarily by fire and burns, suffocation, drowning, firearms, falls, choking, and poisoning.
  • Each year, unintentional poisonings from consumer products commonly found in the home kill about 30,000 children.


Code Red Rover


Home safety Council


USFA for Kids


Safe Kids USA

                            Healthy Habits & Positive Life Skills


Nutrition & Fitness


Healthy Habits

                            School Bus & Train


Kids Net Bus Safety Page







Kids the School Bus and You


School Bus Passenger Safety

                            Bicycle & Weather

  Wear the proper safety gear when you are swimming, riding a bike, or playing sports.


Bike Safety

Nation Highway Traffic


Teaching Children Bicycle Safety


Bike Safety


FEMA for Kids


NOAA’s National Weather


Weather Coloring Books








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